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My Ohlala: STORMY leash (with circulation)


Our two (2) in one (1) all-purpose leash. What could be better than adding a small circulation leash at the base of the leash. This will allow you to keep your dog next to you during your hikes, or when you meet other dogs and want a little more control for your walks.


While they may look like leather, our leashes are made with durable polymer coated nylon webbing that resists weather This material is waterproof, durable, resistant to the environment and mold, and requires very little maintenance. We use metal hardware to ensure superior quality.


My Ohlala... what is it?

Here is the perfect opportunity to make your own leash according to your inspiration and your choice of colors from BioThane and hardware stores. Please allow approximately two (2) to four (4) weeks to make your product.

My Ohlala: Leash STORMY

PriceFrom C$39.99
Primary color