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About us

Ohlala de Sophie is a family business located in northwestern New Brunswick that manufactures healthy treats and accessories for pets. Our company and our products rely on the affection and well-being of animals.  Our unique concept puts forward our local and artisanal products and everything is handmade by our small family.  

At Ohlala de Sophie, we source the ingredients directly from farmers and producers of the raw material, we manufacture all our products and we package and distribute everything to the customer. A real self-production!

All our products are manufactured with respectenvironmental standards and social awareness.

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Ohlala wishes to offer animal products of quality and good for the health of the animals as well as to meet the needs of families who consider their pet as a family member.

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Ohlala wants to be present in many canadian families, where pets live together as part of the family. We want to offer our customers concerned about the well-being of their animal high quality and healthy products. We want every customer using our products to have a sense of pleasure, comfort and confidence.

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Ohlala makes every effort to offer its customers healthy, durable, easy-care and high-quality products. This translates into the guaranteed satisfaction on all of our products.


Ohlala is a family business. Pleasure and Joy to be with our pets are essential and at the base of our love for our animals.  Our products are also aimed at families (with or without children), who consider their pets a members of their own family.


Ohlala supports the local and regional businesses. Our treat recipes include ingredients from local productions. It is very important to know the source and manufacturers of our ingredients, which gives us a sense of confidence.

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