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I am a creative young girl and from a very young age, I love animals. It is therefore very important for me to be able to share my love with them and what better than to make them quality products to spoil them!


Artist: Louise Giroux

Inspiration of the work: 
A photo of Sophie and her dog Pepper taken during the pandemic, looking at our ski mountain in Edmundston, imagining that they will be able to return there soon.

About the artist:  

Louise Giroux is a figurative painter who lives in Saint-Basile, New Brunswick, Canada. His paintings in rich colors are inspired by rural scenes, objects found here and there, and faces that hold his attention.

Artist: Jacques Tremblay


Inspiration of the work: 
A photo of the home of Sophie's aunt and uncle in Lac Baker, NB, her brother, her two cousins and her cousin, and their three dogs,
when the whole family has fun at the lake during the summer season.  

About the artist: 

Jacques Tremblay is a self-taught artist who lives for the passion of painting Acadian and Quebec scenes. He is inspired by villages, old stone houses, and everything that characterizes the cultural mosaic of the New Brunswick and Quebec landscape.


Artist: Sophie Levesque, IAF

Inspiration of the work: 
A photo taken at Barrier Lake of Sophie, her brother Félix and their first dog Laika, when we lived in Alberta.

About the artist:

Sophie Levesque is a painter from Northwestern New Brunswick. Very young, she studied figurative painting alongside Clarence Bourgoin and Vicky Lentz. Sophie's works are currently presented in two galleries, the Galerie d'art québécois and the Galerie sur la Reine.  She is also a member of the Institute of Figurative Arts.

Artist: Sophie Pelletier

Inspiration of the work: 
A colorful logo that simply represents our love for our pets.  

About the artist:

Sophie Pelletier, a self-taught artist, who lives in northern New Brunswick.  She is the owner and creator of Les Cartes Sophie.

Ohlala Sophie LOGO 4.png
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